A website for residents and friends of the Stonetrace subdivison

PO Box 12526 Rock Hill, SC  29732

 "Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbor's noisy party
  than being there"
                                                                       -Franklin P. Jones


Tina Byrd, President    

Phone: 704-779-3420

Dan Vanderheiden Vice President

Phone: 803-517-5578

Nancy Pettit, Secretary

Phone: 803-327-5851

Doug Pitt, Treasurer

Phone:  803-207-9452

Kell Benson, Member at large

Phone: 803-517-1541


Architectural Review Committee: 

Jim Douglass                      803-322-7532

William Dunlap (Mr. T)        803-325-5766

Bruce Byrd                          704-651-3663

ABOUT THE HOA BOARD:  The HOA Board is made up of a hard-working group of volunteers who do a lot of behind-the-scenes work that helps keep our neighborhood looking good and running smoothly.  Current officers are Tina Byrd, President; Dan Vanderheiden, VP, Doug Pitt, Treasurer; Nancy Pettit, Secretary, and Kell Benson, Member-At-Large. 
Board meetings are held quarterly and all residents are invited to attend.  In addition, we hold an annual residents; meeting to bring forward any business requiring a vote, to update the neighborhood on board activities and to review the upcoming year's budget.  
Meeting Minutes
Minutes of all Board meetings are sent out via email upon request.  Please email Nancy Pettit to request a copy.
Each new resident receives a copy of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the subdivision
at the time of closing. This document contains important rules and guidelines to help keep our neighborhood safe,
well maintained and fair for everyone who lives here. If you have questions about how to interpret anything
in this document, please contact a board member. Thank you!
All residents are required to present, for approval by the ACC, plans for additions to their home, sheds, garages 
or other architectural changes/additions.  A complete explanation of the types of projects that must be reviewed 
by the ACC, as well as the proper forms and filing procedures, is contained in the ACC Review/Request packet.

Compliance with the guidelines of the ACC ensures that all structures and other architectural changes or additions 
are done in keeping with the existing look of the subdivision. ACC approval does NOT substitute for the homeowner's 
responsibility to obtain any necessary building permits or other licenses that may be required by the county of York 
or the city of Rock Hill.

The annual HOA dues are $350.00, payable in 2 equal payments of $175.00 each. The first payment is due on 
January 1st, and the second is due on July 1.  Please make checks payable to Stonetrace HOA, and mail payment 
to PO Box 12526, Rock Hill, SC  29732.  Payments not received on time will be subject to a $25.00 late fee.  
A $35.00 fee will be assessed for any returned checks.
The Board understands that situations may occur that make it difficult to pay dues on time. If this is the case, please 
call (803-207-9452) or email Doug Pitt, Treasurer, to make payment arrangements.