A website for residents and friends of the Stonetrace subdivison

PO Box 12526 Rock Hill, SC  29732

  "No one is rich enough to do without a neighbor."
                                                               -Danish Proverb

Contact Us

HOA Board

President: Tina Byrd
Phone: 704-779-3420

Vice President: Dan Vanderheiden
Phone: 803-517-5578

Secretary:  Nancy Pettit
Phone:  803-327-5851

Treasurer: Doug Pitt
Phone: 803-207-9452

Member at Large:  Kell Benson
Phone:  803-517-1541

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

William Dunlap (Mr. T)
Phone:  803-325-5766

Jim Douglass
Phone: 803-322-7532

Bruce Byrd
Phone: 704-651-3663

Dues Payments, ACC Review documents and other correspondence can be sent to:
Stonetrace HOA
PO Box 12526
Rock Hill, SC  29732
When mailing dues payments, please make checks payable to Stonetrace HOA.