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NEXTDOOR.COM is a social media site for neighborhoods. Join and stay more connected with your neighbors in Stonetrace as well as nearby communities. For more information, click here.
The street lights within Stonetrace are owned and maintained by York Electric Cooperative, Inc. If you see a light that is not working or one that stays on all day, please contact York Electric to report the issue. Additionally, York Electric accesses the condition of the poles about every two years and maintains them as required, including cosmetic refreshes.
The streets in Stonetrace are narrow and challenges are created when cars are parked on the street. Please review these parking guidelines before the next visit from your family and friends.

    • Are fireworks legal?
        • Yes. They are legal in the county, but not within Rock Hill city limits.
    • Is there a cutoff time to stop setting off fireworks? 
        • Yes. On holidays, midnight is the cutoff time. You can choose to call the Sheriff's department, if a neighbor is not complying with this cutoff time.
    • Is there a distance away from a home or neighborhood within which fireworks should not be set off? 
        • No. Fireworks can be fired from driveways, cul-de-sacs, etc, as long as they are not causing property damage to others.
    • What do I do about the debris from my neighbor's fireworks not being picked up from the street, or debris that has landed in my yard?
        • This needs to be handled neighbor to neighbor. The county, the Sheriff's department and the HOA are not liable to enforce anything in this regard.
    • What if I have personal damage or property damage as a result of a neighbor's fireworks?
        • Your neighbor is liable for the damages. Your options include asking your neighbor to compensate you for the damages, or you can choose to call the Sheriff's department to file a police report.
* This information was obtained from the York County Public Safety Office and the York County Sheriff's Department.