Home Owners

     "The best car safety device is a rear view mirror with a cop in it."
                                                                                    -Dudley Moore


Parking Guidelines



When having family and friends over and there's no room left in your driveway for all the cars, then the extras end up in the street. When many cars are parked on our narrow, 20-foot wide roadways at the same time problems and safety risks are created.


Narrow roads cause people to park on lawns.
Parking on lawns can damage sod and sprinkler heads costing homeowners extra time and money. Damaged lawns also impact the appearance of the community and property values. Many residents have invested a great deal creating and maintaining their lawns. Let’s respect these efforts and let’s keep all cars off our lawns.


Daytime parking in front of a mailbox can possibly cause the mail carrier to return the mail to the post office for a next day delivery.

A delay in getting critical mail can impact both personal and employment business.


When cars are parked on both sides of the street, passage is limited, and in the case of an emergency, could be nearly impossible.
In an emergency, minutes and seconds can make all the difference. It could be your life or your home in need of emergency services. Consider that a fire truck is about 10 feet wide. The average car is about seven feet wide. Our streets are 20 feet wide. You do the math.  If there is a fire and street passage is too narrow for a fire truck to get through, the truck WILL somehow make a passage! Somebody’s car is going to get damaged, or a lawn is going to get run over. Think about it!

The Board of Directors makes the following recommendations for street parking:


  • Do not park directly across from a driveway.

   Allow for your neighbors to easily back out of their driveways and turn in the direction of travel.


  • Do not park cars on both sides of the street.

   Park on the right side of the street only, in the direction of exiting the community.


  • Park extra cars on Stonetrace Drive along lots 41 and 42 (graphic to the right).
There is common area between the street and those two lots. Here also, park on the right side of the street in the direction of exiting the community.


  • Do not park any closer than 30 feet of the approach side of a Stop sign.

  This is a York County ordinance.